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Policy statement pursuant to Art. 13 of Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 on the protection of personal data (GDPR)

San Servolo S.r.l.(VAT No. 03544490273; contact data – Isola di San Servolo – 30124 VENEZIA (VE)- Tel. (+39) 0412765001 –, in its capacity as Data Controller pursuant to EU regulations 2016/679 (GDPR), has prepared this notice to inform you how the website use of your data.

TYPE OF DATA and HOW THEY ARE COLLECTED  We hold the data voluntarily provided when you filled out our contact form. The only personal data requested refer to those strictly necessary to answer your questions/requests: i.e. name, surname, telephone and email address. Other personal data will only be processed by us if and when you voluntarily communicate them. While the provision of contact data is obligatory, because partial or total refusal to provide them will prevent us from responding to your questions/requests, the provision of any additional data is wholly facultative.

THE PURPOSE OF PROCESSING.Your data will be exclusively used to answer your request for information. 

LEGAL BASIS FOR PROCESSING The consent you gave us represents the legal basis for processing (pursuant to article 6, paragraph 1, letter a) GDPR). 

DATA STORAGE PERIODYour personal data will be kept for the time necessary to handle information requests and then cancelled unless the parties involved enter into a contractual relationship. In this case your data will be used to draw up a contract that will form the subject matter of another privacy information notice.

RECIPIENTS OF DATA Your data can be processed by:

  • subjects assigned to perform the processing, each according to the specifications and detailed instructions given in writing by the Data controller for the sole purpose of pursuing the foregoing objectives;
  • subjects with processing responsibility (such as, for example, a company acting as hotel-services contractor) with whom a contractual relationship has been entered into whereby the Data Controller requires the data processor to comply with all the obligations laid down under article 28 of the GDPR.

DATA SUBJECTSRIGHTS     You have the right to exercise the rights of data subjects stipulated by the GDPR under articles 15 and seq. including the right to revoke consent at any time but without thereby rendering the processing carried out prior to revocation unlawful.You also have the right to file a complaint about any data-processing infringements with the Supervisory National Privacy Authority. In order to exercise this right, proceed according to the indications and the explicit requirements stated in the authority’s website,, FORMS section.

The full text of the regulations can be found on the following link: